Electronic Document and Image Conversion

Our software and services save businesses time & money!

ZonaDoX provides custom programming and electronic document and file conversion services.

Document & Image Conversion...

When businesses upgrade to new software or merge operations, the format of existing electronic document and image files does not always agree with the new standards. By providing bulk-conversion services and custom conversion programs, ZonaDoX has a proven record of delivering solutions quickly and at a reasonable cost.

Here are some examples of what we do:

  • Convert: HTML to PDF, TIFF to PDF, XML to PDF, BMP to PDF
  • Rename files from a lookup file.
  • Stamp images with sequential numbers or custom text.
  • Assemble bookmarked PDF documents from individual files.
  • Convert legacy files to current formats.
  • Index & upload files to the Web.
  • Eliminate repetitive file-based tasks with custom, special-purpose programs.

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Custom Applications...

ZonaDoX has created custom Windows® desktop programs for use in a wide variety of applications. From data entry solutions to production data capture and network document retrieval, ZonaDoX has experience in providing a wide range of solutions to help businesses save money and streamline operations.

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Production Automation...

Businesses frequently retain repetitive manual processes because they fear the cost of upgrading to a more efficient technology. But even a small investment in barcoding, for example, can yield significant improvement in production processes. Zonadox has shown customers that it is not necessary to make sweeping changes in their operation to increase productivity: introducing small changes where they are needed most can have a significant impact on the bottom line.

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